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What Is The South By Southwest Conference?

March 12, 2022

The South By Southwest or SXSW Conference is where digital creators can come together to discuss new ideas, find new interests, and network with like-minded professionals with a drive for innovative experiences. The SXSW Conference focuses on various topics, including culture, film, technology, and music. Held in Austin, Texas, it offers eager professionals the opportunity to expand their thinking, make new and exciting discoveries, and create career-forwarding connections. 

South By Southwest Conference Information:

Official Website:
Date:March 11-20, 2022
Location:Austin, Texas
Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Spotify

History Of The South By Southwest Conference

The history of the SXSW conference dates back to 1986 when a small group of local Austinites met to discuss the future they saw for the media and entertainment industries. The group shared the opinion that the local music and creative communities were just as talented as anyone else but lacked the exposure necessary for outside influences to take notice. Based on core values of inclusivity and reaching for new things, they decided to create an even that would bring the outside world to them. After much deliberation and planning, the first SXSW Conference was held in March of 1987 to an impressively large crowd. As the years passed, the conference continued to grow and became a place where forward-thinkers could gather together and push the boundaries of what the world believes is possible. 

South By Southwest
Volkswagen x SXSW 2022

What Themes Will The South By Southwest Conference Have This Year?

This year’s SXSW Conference has five themes planned, each with a unique concept that pushed the boundaries of how professionals view the world and how they can create a forward-thinking mindset.

Discovering The Undiscovered

Discovering the Undiscovered is all about how innovation and creativity have the power to solve many of the problems we face in the world today. It points out how not long ago we didn’t have many of the advances we enjoy today including electric vehicles, rapidly developed vaccines, and so much more. When creativity is unrestrained, there’s no stopping what a person is capable of accomplishing. 

Built For The Future

Built For The Future focuses on the importance of creating a better world for future generations. It speaks to how now is the time to change policies and practices if there is any hope of leaving a habitable planet for those who come after us. 

We’re All Connected

We’re All Connected points out the need for governments all over the world to come together with a common goal of creating an equitable and sustainable global community. 

The Evolving Media Landscape

The Evolving Media Landscape looks at the development and evolution of the digital world. It compares the increase in new platforms that work to empower digital creativity and the unprecedented levels of misinformation and speaks on calls for increased regulation. 

The Power Of Industry

The Power Of Industry celebrates the power of diverse experiences and perspectives to create change and find solutions to the problems facing the world today.

What Tracks Of Programming Are Featured At The South By Southwest Conference This Year?

This year’s SXSW conference features fifteen programming tracks falling under four topical themes Interactive, Film, Music, and Convergence. 


The tracks under the Interactive theme include:

  • 2050
  • Advertising & Brand Experience
  • Civic Engagement
  • Climate Change
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Health & MedTech
  • Tech Industry
  • Transportation


The tracks under the Film theme include:

  • Film & TV Industry
  • Making Film & Episodics


The track under the Music theme include:

  • Future Of Music


The tracks under the Convergence theme include:

  • Game Industry
  • Media Industry
  • Startups

Does The South By Southwest Conference Have Online Capabilities?

Yes, for those who are unable to attend the SXSW conference in person, there are online digital events scheduled for a range of topics. Guest speakers bring intriguing content and conversation that allows virtual attendees to join in the forward-thinking mindset unique to all SXSW conferences. 

Additional FAQs

When is the SXSW Conference this year?

The SXSW Conference is on March 11-20, 2022.

Where is the SXSW Conference held?

The Conference is held in Austin, Texas.

Does my badge allow me access to SXSW online?

Yes! When you register, your badge grants you access to all the SXSW online events

How much is registration?

Registration cost depends on the Badge you choose, and there are five options available: Platinum, Interactive, Film, Music, and Online.

Are there group discounts available?

Yes! Group discounts are available for parties of ten or more. 

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