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Create & Cultivate Company Overview

March 12, 2022

Is Create & Cultivate Legit?

Create & Cultivate is a legitimate media company that connects working women through custom-curated content and events while providing a community where they can gain support and advice from others in similar positions. It brings professional women from a multitude of different fields and allows them to have open dialogue on a wide variety of topics. 

Platforms like Create & Cultivate are an excellent way for working women to support, uplift, and encourage each other while challenging their mindsets and pushing the limits of what they believe is possible. Today, Walker Media will give you insight into precisely what Create & Cultivate is about, so you can see if it’s the right platform for you. 

Create & Cultivate Company Information

Official Website:
Owner:Jaclyn Johnson
Social Media:Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
Company Quick Facts

What Is Create & Cultivate?

It is a media platform that aims to connect working women together in various ways. From podcasts, videos, blogs, events, and more, professional women can join together and discuss issues that are important to them. Create & Cultivate features interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and successful women in a wide range of fields, highlighting their journeys and promoting their stories.

Founded in 2012 by Jaclyn Johnson, who saw the need for a place where professional women can have open conversations on what it takes to be successful in today’s society, this company quickly grew to a large community of like-minded women supporting and encouraging each other to succeed. 

What Does the Company Offer? 

It offers professional women a wide range of supportive outlets where they can go to receive encouragement, direction, inspiration, and support. Some of the resources offered through

Create & Cultivate include:

Create & Cultivate


Women can list available jobs and search for positions all in one place. A link to apply for every advertised opening makes it easier than ever for women to find their dream jobs and employers to find their dream employees! 


One of the best parts of this platform is the vast array of blogs on many subjects. Women can read up on trending news, editor’s picks, and a large variety of additional topics. 


Create & Cultivate’s podcast Work Party, has over a million downloads and is an incredibly popular listen among working professionals. Episodes are uploaded weekly and bring a fun and vibrant take to what it means to be a modern working woman. Topics include honing your pitch, negotiating, creating a killer tagline, and much more! Guest speakers include stars like Rebekah Minkoff, Ashley Graham, and Busy Philipps.  


One of the most intriguing offerings is the interviews with successful professionals that are making a name for themselves within the business world. They make the reader think and create a drive to succeed. 


For those who want more out of their create & Cultivate experience, there is an option to join their exclusive membership community. Members receive downloadable resources, ticket discounts to events, and fifty-plus hours of C&C Keynotes and Panels.


The company proudly hosts events aimed at promoting women and helping them succeed. Events include Pop-Ups in multiple cities and mentor sessions where professional women share the keys to their success. 

It offers additional resources for women to help propel their careers and organize their life.

Resources include:

  • Personal And Business Finance
  • Budgeting, Investing, And Taxes
  • Fundraising
  • Launching Your Business
  • Healthy Living
  • Design
  • Beauty And Style

Additional FAQs

Who is Create & Cultivate geared to?

It is geared to professional, hard-working women. It aims to provide them with a place they can go to receive the support and encouragement they need to excel in the modern world.

How many events does the company offer?

It offers many events throughout the year, in multiple cities across North America. Currently, they have two Pop-Up events scheduled, Austin and Desert, and one Mentor Session with Meiko Takeshi Arquillos. 

Does Create & Cultivate work with any celebrities?

Yes! It works with many celebrities, including Busy Philips, Ashley Green, and more! 

Can Create & Cultivate Help Me Launch My Business?

Yes! Create & Cultivate is designed to help professional women in all stages of their careers, which means they have the resources you need to help get your business off the ground. They give you tips, tricks, insights, and guidance so you can ensure your get off to the right start! 

How Can I Become A Create & Cultivate Insider?

Becoming an insider is easy, simply enter your information under the membership tag and begin receiving exclusive benefits! 

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