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Converting Your Audience into Leads with Digital Marketing

March 17, 2022

You may have heard digital marketers or business owners reference this saying before… ”you don’t own your audience.”

While marketers across the board will agree that this is true, you CAN own certain assets from your audience in order to convert those followers into leads, and give them the option to stay up-to-date on your business. 

And once you have those assets, you can utilize powerful digital marketing strategies (such as text message marketing!) to meet each member of your audience where they’re at, and help them get to the next level. 

Why should I collect audience data for my business?

  • It opens a direct line of communication with your audience. Your followers may not always see your latest post on Instagram, but they WILL see your latest text or email blast
  • Your business owns this data, meaning even if Instagram or TikTok vanish tomorrow… you still have a way of communicating with your audience
  • You can even use this owned data when running paid ads, to ensure your audience targeting is on point and you’re getting the best possible return on your ad spend

What types of data can I collect from my audience?

There are many different types of data that your business can collect from your audience and utilize to drive marketing strategies, depending on your overarching business goals. Here are a few common examples that I always recommend:

  • EMAIL ADDRESS: This is probably the most common form of owned audience data for online business owners. You can use an opt-in form to capture your audience’s email addresses in exchange for a lead magnet, exclusive offer, or consistent newsletters.
  • MAILING ADDRESS: Whether your business is product- or service-based, it’s always beneficial to collect mailing addresses. As we see consumers get ready to shift back to an in-person world, they’ll be looking for more tangible, hands-on experiences from businesses. 
  • PHONE NUMBER: Text message marketing is on the rise as one of the most powerful forms of communication between businesses and consumers, and opens up a direct line of communication with your audience. 
Digital Marketing

How can my business utilize audience data with digital marketing?

Again, the possibilities are endless, so let’s focus on one virtually untapped element of digital marketing that your business can break into text message marketing.

Studies show that 91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from brands. 

And here’s the best part—not nearly enough businesses have hopped on the text message marketing bandwagon. That means that you’ve got a prime opportunity to reach your audience where they WANT to hear from you, likely before your competitors get there. 

This is an incredible opportunity to take your audience from Follower to Lead to Raving Fan. 

How can I get my audience to sign up for text message marketing?

Great question! Just like with an email list, you’ll want to provide an incentive in order to get members of your audience to opt-in to your text messages. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. CREATE AN EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY. Market your text message list as THE place to have personal conversations, get answers to questions, and have direct access to you. 
  1. ADD IT TO APPLICATIONS. Chances are, your warmest leads will be excited to join your text message list. When someone applies to work with you, give them the opportunity to opt-in!
  1. GIVEAWAYS/INCENTIVES. Host a giveaway or provide a discount code, free guide, or exclusive bonus, and have your audience sign up for texts in order to enter.
  1. LEAD MAGNET. Add text marketing into your lead magnet sequence, and build a freebie opt-in point based on the sequence kicking off via text.

What should I keep in mind when utilizing text marketing for business?

The most important thing to remember (and this is true with most elements of digital marketing) is that everyone in your audience is at a different level. 

This means that your content, offers and funnels need to be built to meet your people where they’re at — and the same can be said for text marketing. Many text marketing platforms allow you to create different Segments or Lists, just like you would with email marketing, so you can send more targeted messages to ensure you’re guiding your audience through your full offer suite. 

Let’s define the levels of your audience using an example business (we’ll say you’re a coach) and ICA (we’ll call her Candice), and what her corresponding needs may be:

  • LEVEL 1: At the very first level, Candice is at the information gathering stage. She doesn’t yet know what she doesn’t know, so a low-ticket paid product on your main topic will be the perfect entry point.
  • LEVEL 2: Candice is warming up to the topic, but still considering what that might mean for her life/business. Try a free challenge that pitches something slightly higher-ticket, for example a live workshop or masterclass + a self-study program
  • LEVEL 3: At this point, she’s COMMITTED. Candice is ready for a group program so that she can get some more accountability and support, at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. 
  • LEVEL 4: She knows she needs more personalized guidance, but may not be quite ready for your highest ticket offer yet. A Mini-Mind with >10 peers may be just what she needs. 
  • LEVEL 5: Candice knows that your business/offer is the MOMENT. She’s going all in. She’s ready for the VIP experience—whether that’s a private 1:1 coaching program, or a group mastermind that includes a retreat 

Wrap Up

You can see how Candice could potentially sign up to receive your marketing messages at any point in this funnel, but she’ll need a different type of message and offer at each level. Having your audience self-segment can help to ensure that your text marketing is working to drive each level of your offer suite. 

Now time for your homework: whip out your notebook and think about what your ICA needs at each of these 5 levels, and what corresponding offers and marketing messaging you can provide to meet them where they’re at.

What questions do you have about converting your audience into leads with digital marketing?

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