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The MiniMap Bundle

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Funnel Blueprint

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High-Level Support

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FOR THOSE WHO NEED strategy & support Quickly

Funnel Blueprint

An express, done-with-you offer, to support you in implementing your next cash-collecting asset within your business. This process is the exact method I use with my core clients and is precisely how I recommend building the foundation to a business model that scales. 

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This service includes:

+ Pre Call Questionnaire and Onboarding:
+ Technology Evaluation
+ 1-on-1 Consulting Call
+ A Customized Funnel Blueprint
+ Step-By-Step Plan Of Action
+ Walkthrough Video and call recording
+ Bonus: Funnel Forecast Spreadsheet

FOR those who need funnel Foundations

The MiniMap Bundle

Your Lead Generating Secret Weapon! For the Entrepreneur who’s ready to transform those curious freebie seekers into lifelong repeat customers.

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This DIy Course includes:

+ A minimap course guide/project plan which will keep you on track and help you implement the curriculum in 7 days or less.'

+ Foundational knowledge of my funnel building process. 

+ A focus on creating evergreen content to support you when you launch.

+ A funnel launch schedule focusing on my 10 day funnel promo calendar that guides you in releasing your assets strategically helping you activate the leads in your pipeline. 

for those ready to scale

High-Level Funnel Support

My skill set is unique because I bring a high-level business strategy met with the bandwidth to implement agreed-upon processes & systems. In the end, my expertise leads to the creation of streamlined sales and marketing functions so that you can add revenue and increase profitability in your business. 

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+ A proven offer that has been launched before
+ 2 or more products or services that build upon each other
+ Solid transformation that you help your clients and/or students achieve

In the end, you will have a funnel built to attract, nurture, qualify, and convert the clients who are the best fit to work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with businesses in the tech industry?

No! Walker Media is excited to work with businesses in all industries to boost revenue and improve conversions.

Can you help me create my brand story?

Unfortunately, at this time, Walker Media is best suited for already-established businesses looking to expand, not brand-new businesses.

How is Walker Media different from other marketing agencies?

Unlike other service providers, we integrate a holistic funnel approach with our up-to-date knowledge of the digital sphere to ensure our strategy achieves high results.

Do you work with men and women?

Of course! We just like to emphasize that we are a woman-owned business taking a modern approach to the marketing world.

Why should I use Walker Media for my business?

No matter how deep your heart and passion for your business lies, success is only measured by conversion of sales. We can help you strategize your game plan using real consumer psychology to achieve higher returns on investment.