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Female Founder Collective Company Overview

March 12, 2022

What Is The Female Founder Collective?

The Female Founder Collective is a platform aimed at promoting the success of women business owners. It connects women who seek to elevate their business and increase their success, whatever that means for them. The Female Founder Collective provides women with the tools and education they need to help propel them forward and give them the confidence they need to achieve all of their goals.

Official Website:https://www.femalefoundercollective.com
Founder:Rebecca Minkoff
Social Media:LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

History Of The Female Founder Collective 

The Female Founder Collective started as a network of women-led businesses that sought to promote and support other women-led businesses. Empowering female-led and founded companies so they could make a positive impact on their communities was an integral part of the platform’s mission. It was the belief that local businesses have the power to make a social and economic impact on the surrounding community, helping to uplift neighborhoods and promote growth. The platform stands on two defining principles; it’s vital to learn from other women who have walked a similar path before and the power of community that is rooted in the exchange of knowledge. 

What Does The Female Founder Collective Do For Working Women?

The Female Founder Collective’s goal is to increase female founders’ success rate to 100%. They want to see every woman succeed in her dream of becoming a successful business owner and aim to provide women with the resources they need to reach their goals. They want to reinvent the way women see business ownership by opening the power of a community mindset. Also, they seek to provide women with mentors, sponsors, investors, and friends so they can share ideas, methods, and practices that make their path easier. Regardless of the stage of a woman’s business, from a startup to a multi-million dollar company, the Female Founder Collective is there to encourage and uplift so women can make a more significant impact on the world. 

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What Tools Does The Female Founder Collective Offer Women?

The Female Founder Collective offers a wide range of tools to empower women and help their businesses succeed. They offer workshops, courses, summits, and meet and greets where attendees can ask questions and learn from other women who excel in their fields. Attendance is offered in-person and online and is interactive so that everyone can learn from the experiences of others. There is also a job board where women can post or search for job openings, connecting employers with employees they can trust. 

What Companies Partner With The Female Founders Collective?

Many companies have chosen to partner with the Female Founders Collective, opting to support the platform’s goal of helping more women become successful business owners. Partners include:


When women purchase a membership to 10th House, the Female Founders Collective membership site, they receive discounted shipping and access to a wide range of services to help increase their business’s productivity.

  • JustWorks
  • Intribe
  • Wingspan
  • Planoly
  • The Forem
  • Faire
  • The Washington Post
  • Sofi
  • Klaviyo
  • Pitchlift
  • WWD
  • Squarespace
  • And More! 

Does The Female Founders Collective Have A Membership?

Yes, The Female Founders Collective is proud to have a membership community that provides women with the meaningful connections they need to help them feel a part of an exceptional and powerful community. The membership includes access to highly-vetted resources and programs to help female founders scale and grow their businesses. The Female Founders Collective believes that there is nothing more effective to a women’s success in business than walking alongside like-minded individuals in a supportive community. It believes that when you feel free to ask questions about hires, earned media, or even paid advertisements having a community of other founders is the fastest way to receive the quality feedback they need to succeed. 

Female Founder Collective
Photo Credit: @smithhousephoto

Additional FAQs

What does membership with 10th House include?

The Female Founders Collective 10th House membership has three levels so every female founder can get the support they need. The Collective, Constellation, and Blue Sky are available with different perks and benefits. 

Who can receive membership?

Women who are founders of a business and have an active role as leaders or owners are welcomed to become members of the 10th House. Freelancers and consultants are also welcome to apply. 

Is the Female Founders Collective a venture capital fund?

No! Female Founders Collective isn’t a venture capital fund and has no associations with any venture capital firm. 

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