“I guess my business had a pretty good year in 2021”


 “I’ve got a crystal clear picture of what actually worked last year, and what I need to adjust now to reach my annual growth goals.”

I’ve created something that will take you from

in an easy-to-use Google Doc format

The Template Includes:

1.   Your Executive Summary

2.  Product/Service Suite Analysis

3.  Business Projects/Milestones Achieved

4.  Annual Financial Report

5. Featured Case Studies Round-Up

6. 2021 Business Conclusion Statement

7. 2022  Vison Mapping Section

Using industry standards as a benchmark is great, but using your own numbers is better. 

available for free download

Business Report Template

Upon finishing the Business  Report Template, you’ll have a more holistic view of where you are at so that you know where you are growing from. Let's get started!